BBT charting

Charting your Fertility - Taking your Basal body temperature

For Basal body temperature charting to be useful it needs to be done following certain guidelines. You can download instructions here.

Castor Oil Packs

Castor oil packs offer multiple benefits for fertility and women’s health and a host of other health benefits. They are a powerful tool for increasing both lymphatic circulation and blood flow
which has immune and detoxification benefits, as well as assisting to alleviate pain.

Castor oil packs can assist in liver detoxification when used directly over the liver as help to flush out old
hormones and toxins and the rinoleic acid in castor oil down regulates inflammation while having a beneficial impact on the immune system, specifically lymphocytes.

You can download instructions on how to use them here.

Embryo Transfer self-care

Suggestions for self care around the time of Embryo Transfer.

You may download here.