Chinese herbal medicine takes a natural and holistic approach to healthcare and can assist with general health maintenance and disease prevention.

Chinese herbal medicines come in a number of different forms and there are standard conventions in professional Chinese medicine about these forms and their uses.

There are two main divisions of Chinese herbal medicines - granule herbs and ready made medicines.

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Granule herbs are concentrated preparations that dissolve in a small volume of warm to hot water. Two main advantages of granule herbs are: 1) the formula is individually tailored to your Traditional Chinese Medicine Diagnosis and 2) the doses can vary to facilitate results. A prescribed formula may contain between two and twelve individual herbs.

Ready made Chinese medicines

Ready made medicines include herbal formulas made into pills, tablets, capsules, powders and tinctures. Traditionally ready made medicines were used for any of the following four main purposes: 1) over the counter self medication; 2) long term use for chronic, slowly changing conditions; 3) prevention or 4) when time was of the essence and longer herb preparation methods were not an option. 


Ready made pills are made from either ground, powdered herbs bound together with water or honey. Their advantage is that they are usually low cost, easy to dose and take. However they tend to have low potency so more suitable for the support of chronic conditions over a longer period of time.

Tablets and Capsules

Tablets and capsules tend to be made with slightly higher potency extracts however the formula is not able to modified.


Usually refers to ground raw herbs which due to the higher surface area can be used in smaller doses and steeped as a tea.